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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gracie's Place

Dad in Russia

Dad went to Russia and didn't take me. But he did buy be a Russian doll. It looks beautiful and I want to go there some time. I can't type much because i was'nt there, and I've gotto go.

Me and my family went to the James River. It was a lot of fun and we didn't plan getting wet but we did. Peter slipped in and after that I was being very careful not to fall in and yet I still did. Peggy DuCharme went with us, she's a great friend of ours. She was staying with us for a bit. Me, Dad and Peter almost got stuck out in the middle of the river!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Recent News

Me and Maggie had a sleepover and stayed up to 3:11 am. Mom took us [just me and peter] to Maymont and it was really fun, except it was 95 degrees! There was an fish, otter, really pretty gardens, goats, geese and really ugly pigs! We got ice-cream and souvenir rocks, their really cool and pretty. Dad missed it because he was in Greece and he didn't bring me! He said he had a lot of fun in Greece and that he missed me lots, of COURSE!!!