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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here's some awesome fall pics of me and peter raking leaves. There was a huge pile of leaves in the end and we had fun jumping in them! Later on Hannah Dieble helped us finish it up. Then a week later Dad got the leave blower and that helped so much more than the tiny rake. Now our yard looks good. The leaves are coming back though!!! Can we never escape the dreaded leaves??!!??!!

It's me again

It's been a while sense I've written on my blog, soooo busy with piles of homework. 5th grade has been pretty awesome and we get out for Xmas break on the 19th!!! Luckily I didn't have a lot of homework today! I'll try to post some pics soon, but they're still on the camera right now. Peter just got a new blog so check it out, here's the address He is still in the process of making it look good, but I'm sure he would love if you left a comment. Oh and don't forget to feed his bat and his tiger!!!