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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's me again

It's been a while sense I've written on my blog, soooo busy with piles of homework. 5th grade has been pretty awesome and we get out for Xmas break on the 19th!!! Luckily I didn't have a lot of homework today! I'll try to post some pics soon, but they're still on the camera right now. Peter just got a new blog so check it out, here's the address He is still in the process of making it look good, but I'm sure he would love if you left a comment. Oh and don't forget to feed his bat and his tiger!!!


Ruth MacC said...

Hey Grace,
glad yu are working on your blog. I checked out Peters blog and it looks good.

I hope you don't mind my' telling you, but you forgot to put 'blogspot' in his blog address:)

I have heard that 5th class is pretty tough. What is your favourite subject?


brookie said...

so with u

Grace said...

Thanks ruth i fixed it!