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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall is here at last!

FALL!!!!! Fall is FINALLY here! I love fall, the leaves, temperature, Thanksgiving! The scenery is so beautiful everywhere in Virginia during fall. I'm just getting settled into Hungary Creek, I think ever thing is a lot easier now, another reason to like fall! I changed my blog look to fall-ish, u like? huh? huh? The weather is getting a lot cooler lately, which is good. I rode my bike w/ my friend Andrea today, and we went to the park, it was a fun, busy day! Well I got to go!


Sunday, September 20, 2009


What words come to your mind when you think of school? Fun? Difficult? Excitement? For me all of those things. Hungary Creek is a great, fun, strict school. I've been learning a lot because of the great teachers, but sometimes I think they expect to much out of us. I'm still getting used to the switching classes and locker thing. 7 out of 8 of my classes are in the 1600 hall, one up stairs right above the 1600 hall. My locker is in the 1500 hall... across the school. That's why I absolutely dread Monday! On Mondays we have all 8 of our classes, which is horrible! Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorite, because I have gym and English on those days. Although on Wednesdays and Fridays I have math, which is by far my favorite subject, even though I have the most homework in that class! I better go finish getting ready for school, my bus leaves at 7:50 am!! Last year it left at 7:03 am!!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of Hungary Creek!

Hey people! Today was my first day of Middle School, and it rocked! I know tons of people in my class, and all my teachers are nice, except Mrs. Sommers is a little strict! The gym is CRAZY though! I'm taking math, social studies and science advance, so basically everything but English! Which is ok, cause my English teach is so awesome! His name is Mr. Stevens, he is really funny and nice! I'm taking art for this nine weeks, I can't wait!!!