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Sunday, September 20, 2009


What words come to your mind when you think of school? Fun? Difficult? Excitement? For me all of those things. Hungary Creek is a great, fun, strict school. I've been learning a lot because of the great teachers, but sometimes I think they expect to much out of us. I'm still getting used to the switching classes and locker thing. 7 out of 8 of my classes are in the 1600 hall, one up stairs right above the 1600 hall. My locker is in the 1500 hall... across the school. That's why I absolutely dread Monday! On Mondays we have all 8 of our classes, which is horrible! Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorite, because I have gym and English on those days. Although on Wednesdays and Fridays I have math, which is by far my favorite subject, even though I have the most homework in that class! I better go finish getting ready for school, my bus leaves at 7:50 am!! Last year it left at 7:03 am!!!



Gracie :) said...

Plz comment!

Ruth MacC said...

It all sounds so strange and also a bit wonderful:0) I remember my first few days in secondary school very well. I had a locker too which was a new concept for me. I used to put pictures and photos from magazines into it.
It's a BIG change too facing to go from having only one teacher all year to having 8 or 9.

I think Sean will just live that part of it all. Especially coming from a home schooling background and nit being used to sitting in one class for very long periods of time. Glad to hear maths is your favourite subject. I think it is Mollys too. BTW, Molly is on the Internet now! This week Sean is doing mostly maths. I have put away his regular books for a week and we are concentrating on math related subjects. He can work on his maths book, CD ROMs, maths board games etc. Also Kevin is coming over every Friday for four weeks to help Sean out so it should be good. Sean is enjoying thos change anyway.

Things are good here. I met up with Mary O and Yana in her Salon at 9 this morning for a prayer time. Particularly for our children. Niall is out the back working and Koke is with him. Sean is at the kitchen working at his maths book and I am just about to prepare lunch.
I enjoyed your post. Keep it up!!!
Love Ruth

Gracie :) said...

Wow that all sounds great! What do you mean Molly is on the internet?

Ruth MacC said...

Her family got the Internet so she can send and recieve emails. They just got connected recently. Do you haveaths just two days in the week?


Ruth MacC said...

Do you only have maths two days in the week?

Gracie :) said...

3 days a week, y?

Ruth MacC said...

Just wondering. I teach Sean maths five days a week. We are just heading off to the church centre for the evening study. I forgot to ask you. After you and Peter were baptised do you partake in the Lords table? Does your church have uit every week or month?

Gracie :) said...

Ummmm, i don't remember, but we do it every month.