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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall is here at last!

FALL!!!!! Fall is FINALLY here! I love fall, the leaves, temperature, Thanksgiving! The scenery is so beautiful everywhere in Virginia during fall. I'm just getting settled into Hungary Creek, I think ever thing is a lot easier now, another reason to like fall! I changed my blog look to fall-ish, u like? huh? huh? The weather is getting a lot cooler lately, which is good. I rode my bike w/ my friend Andrea today, and we went to the park, it was a fun, busy day! Well I got to go!



Ruth MacC said...

Autumn is my favourite time of the year too and mostly for your reasons, except it getting cooler! I do love the fresh crisp air though. I just said to Sean a few minutes ago that we will have to go out to Ravensdale this week to appreciate all the beautiful falling leaves. They are beginning to fall over here too. (do you remember horse riding out there!?)
Sean got a puncture on his bike, too many skidds made the tyres weak.
Did Peter make the soccer team?
More news is that the older kids in the Church are setting up a library in the church centre under Marie's care.
Can't see the new blog page properly as I am using my iPhone but I am sure it is lovely;0
God bless.

Gracie :) said...

Hi Ruth! Yes, I remember Ravensdale! I love it there, and miss it:(! Peter did not make it:(, I don't know why cause is is really good!

Ruth MacC said...

Shhh, o am sorry for Peter. They don't know what they are missing. I am sure he must be dissappointed. Tell him I was asking for him will you?

brookie said...


Gracie :) said...

K, will do Ruth!

Which blinkie Brookie?

Seán MacC said...

hi grace how are you, I hope you are well. my second favourite season is autumn.


Gracie :) said...

What's ur first?