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Friday, October 9, 2009


Well school is going pretty good, little hard, and A LOT of homework! I've gotten one C, and then nothing below a B. I like switching classes now, because that's the only time I get to see my friends. English is my favorite class because my teacher Mr. Stevens is so hilarious! Gym is fun too, but right now, we are doing tennis, and I stink at it! Today I hit 2 people with the ball, then the net, and then the fence! Reading is my least favorite class. Although I love reading, reading class is BORING!!!!

Stuff at home is great too! Peter's hamster died though:(. But he did get a new one named Daisy, she is a Teddy Bear Hamster (so cute). Mom, Dad and Peter are fine, so is Snoopy:)! Right now I'm watching X-men Origins- Wolverine, it's gross, but kinda good at the same time! Well, I gots to go, bye!!!!


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