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Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hey, wazz up peoples!!??!! My friend Sam and her family came for lunch today and we had a lot of fun! Sam is 1 year older than me she is in 6th grade and she goes to our church. We went to the park and rode bikes. It was a beautiful day today so I was outside almost all day! I heard it was snow in Ireland (quite shocking right!). Sorry but I don't have any pics. I was walking around bear foot all day so my feet kinda hurt! I had a great weekend, but tomorrow I have to go back to school! Church today was fun too, but we sat down alot so my legs got cramped! Well I gots to go, peace out dudes!!!! =) =) =) =)


Ruth MacC said...

My goodness, you are an old crock with all those aches and pains:-)

Sounds like you had a good day after all. I hope lyou like Sam and that she is a friend, and if not, that she will become one.

Were you bare foot in the park?

The snow is gone but I am going to ask Niall to post a small video of Sean in a snow ball fight this morning on Sean's blog!

God bless


brookie said...

your right it is so boostiful outside.

Grace said...

sam is my friend! i was bear foot on the park for a loooong time

brookie said...