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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey people! Well I just started watching all these old cartoons on Netfilx and Youtube, and I realized how much i missed them!!! I miss being a toddler:(.


Ruth MacC said...

Grace, someone should tell you that we all miss being toddlers: that's why we all still love watching Tom & Gerry and good old Bugs!!!!!

Keep updating, I enjoy visiting. I like your new blog look. I finally changed mine after years!!! Pop over and tell me what you think!

It's raining lots over hear:0(
I was hoping it would be nice. The weather normally improves around thus time but then again, there has been nothing normal about Irish Summers these past few years.

Sean is having a sleep over in Tess's on Friday night so Niall & I can spend some time alone, on a date;0)

Gracie :) said...

Yeah, I forgot to put Tom and Jerry, :(. Tonight is are fee night. Can you plz give me ur blog address, I keep losing it!!

Ruth MacC said...

What do you mean a feww night?
You can go to my blog by clicking on my name here, where my name comes up before the comment.
But the blog address is

talk soon.

Gracie :) said...

Hi, Ruth, thanks for the link!

Fee night is when you pay all ur school fees