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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hey! I haven't written on my blog in a while! This is late, but....MERRY CHRISTMAS! Anyway, just wanted to say that! Life has been good lately. Well except we have to go back to school in less than a week:(. Winter break has been really awesome though! We had over a FOOT of snow!! Our whole family went sledding, even Mom and Dad went down!! My friend Andrea came sledding too. We were going to go to Washington DC, but I don't think we're going anymore:(. I'm kinda busy right now, just wanted to update a little!! BYEE!!!



Gracie :) said...

heeeyyyy!!!!! comment plzzz!!!:)

Ruth MacC said...

VERY bright and happy blog design Grace! What you doing for New Years Eve?

Gracie :) said...

I don't know yet, probably having a sleepover. Peter is going to a Youth party at church. He's not sleeping over though, he'll be back at 1 am. What are you guys doing for New Years??

Ruth MacC said...

Well, sean and I went out for a nice walk/cycle and Niall is working. Later we will do what we always do. Niall will be on live radio from six to midnight and Sean and I will be sitting in fron of the fire (it's already lit) watching movies and playing board games. Then at midnight we will go outside and celebrate the New Year with our neighbours. A lots of them will stand at their doors waving and chatting while the children set off fireworks and play on the green in their pyjamas!!! Very old fashioned and traditional but wonderful:0)

Gracie :) said...

That sounds fun! And HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!:D