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Friday, July 11, 2008

School Trip

These photos are from are school trip. We went to Shirly Plantation. It was alot of fun, we got to see what it was like to live in colonial times it was awsome!!! We learned alot, which was the bad part! We learned how to make bricks, we went to the school there and the tour guide told us a story about a creepy old painting. The story goes like this, first the painting is of somebody who lives at the plantation, anyway they put the painting up on the 3rd floor and then that night they herd tap tap tap and a groan and the painting fell face down, so they put it on the 2nd floor and the same thing happened, then they put it on the 1st floor were she see the graves of her family and she was happy.

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Seán said...

Well, that's a bit of a mad story!!! Maggie looks like a very nice girl and I am glad you two get along well. I hope your friendship grows strong. Will she be going to yur baptism on Sunday? Hope so!

Sean and I were out in the back garden having our tea. It rained and rained for weeks here but this evening it is just lovely. Their are lots of starlings on the trees. Two of tSem nested in our roof during the spring and I was fortunate enough to watch the chicks flying for the first time early one morning!

We had a great time in Dublin yesterday during our trip there with the boys. We hope to post some photos so come on over and visit us and leave a message!!!

Ask Peter to keep in touch will you?
Take care, love Ruth