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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hi guys!! Yesterday we went to The Science Museum of Virginia, it was so cool! We got to see rats playing basketball, lots of fish, different things w/ light, and Mom liked seeing all the cell parts! Later on we went to lunch at Subway, and then we went to Imax to explore the Grand Canyon!!! Dad, Peter and I loved it, but Mom said it made her feel sick!! It really did make you feel like you were moving!! In the video, they talked about rivers, it was really amazing, it looked like it was 3D!!!!!


Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

If its the same IMAX they show at the actual Grand Canyon, it makes me (Jen) sick, too! But Seth and Hannah LOVE it!!

Ruth MacC said...

Sounds great Grace. When we were in Spain a couple of years ago Niall went to some kind of a video/ride. When he got out of it he got very sick.

We went to w5 yesterday and it sounds similar to the place you visited. We had one of the best days ever. We also went to the movies and saw Bolt (which was good) and we finished the day by going to Pizza Hut. The kids couldn't get over the fact that you can get free refills for your drinks and that you could go back up again and again for free refills for your ice cream! It's a wonder nobody got sick in the car on the way home!

Grace said...

Yeah, we get free refills in every restauarnt here (so cool right???). The Science Museum of Virginia is just like W5! Then we went to Subway, it was really good. We just watched Bolt too!

Grace said...

Hey Seth and Jen, how are you?