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Friday, April 10, 2009

Washington Zoo!!! =)

Hey everyone, we went to the Washington Zoo yesterday, it was so awesome!! I hope you like all the pics, there's not much of us, but plenty of the animals, so enjoy!! Dad says the lions really impressed him, and I loved the giant pandas!!! They're so cute, and giant! There was also monkeys, crocodiles,elephants,hippos, otters, tigers, chinchillas, and much, much more!! Well I need to put the pics on, so bye!!


Ruth MacC said...

Nice photos. I havn't been to the Zoo in a few years. I must organize a day to it soon. Maybe Belfast Zoo. Never been there. You have. Is it any good? What did Peter think of the day at the Zoo in Washington?

Have you 2 weeks hols?

Grace said...

hey ruth, belfast zoo is awesome, i loved it! we did enjoy the washington zoo, and we only have 1 week of spring break!!! it stinks!!!!