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Monday, April 20, 2009


Hi guys, I'm depressed!!! My hamster Erin just passed away! :(!! I think she didn't have enough food, because I gave her a big scoope, but she liked to bury it, so maybe she just couldn't find it! Well I'm getting a new hamster, actually 2 of them. I miss her though :( :( :( :( :( :(!!!


brookie said...

i wore all black today

Ruth MacC said...

Ah Grace, we are sad for yu. I am very glad you are getting TWO new hamsters though!!!

Did you check out Sean's blog for the photo of his new pup?

Grace said...

My mom showed me the pic on facebook, he's so cute!! Oh, and btw, I already bought my hamsters!! They look just like erin, but 1 is a little smaller and one a little bigger! I named them chip and dale (even though they're both girls!!).
Ya i saw u brookie, thanks!! sorry i did not!! :(

Ruth MacC said...

Chip and Dals, very funny. Pop over to my blog. I have something there for you that will cheer you up:0)

Grace said...

i will l8er, i have to take a shower now!!!!!! stinks!! (maybe it's me)!!