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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

just stuff

School is ok, but I probably should stop "socializing"! We only have a little while 'till I'm in 6th grade!! :)!! Peter says it's waaaaay better than elementary! So I'm really looking forward to going to middle school!! 5th grade isn't bad, it's just not the best year ever. Peter said they have waaaaay less homework, and a million times better food!!!

At home has been fine! I got 2 new hamsters and named them Chip and Dale, even though they're both girls!! They r well adapted 2 their home by now! Well I have to go, I'm going to my friend Andrea's house, so bye!!
Have a great day!!!


brookie said...

bye.see u ltr

Grace said...

k! :)

peace, love, and joy:)