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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nature! =)

Hey again! I made my blog so that it looks a nature-ish, could you tell? Well I did it because, 1. I'm a nature freak! 2. It looks awesome! And 3. My family and I are going camping in 2 weeks!! We don't know where we're going, but Mom and Dad both took of for the day we're going. So me and Peter are getting off early for that day! (We're going on the 29th) Yeah, it's going be alot of fun, well talk later, bye!

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Seán MacC said...

How long are you going camping?


Ruth MacC said...

I love the cub:-)

I am so delilghted for you, going camping! Niall has been promising Sean to bring him camping for the last two years but every time he had free time the weather was awful:0(
I would prefer the Canarie Islands:-)

How many nights will you be cammping? Are you planning on cammping in a tent? WIll you be having bbq's?

Talk soon.

God bless.