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Saturday, January 2, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! It probably says I posted this on the second, but I didn't my thing is just messed up!! UGH! Oh well! So what are y'alls' New Years resolutions??? I don't really have any.... just keep up my grades in school. So yea, well comment and tell me yours plz!!!!


Gracie :) said...

I also want to be healthier!:D

Gracie :) said...


Gracie :) said...

pllzz comment!!!

Ruth MacC said...

YOU.. HEALTHIER, how can that be possible! Lol! You are 11. You are healthy!
Every year our family try to take on with some new thing. For example a few years ago we resolved to put a euro into the box foe Gavin and Des's mission work in South Africa and also for the box for the Baptist Missions. That meant by the end of the year there was approx €50in each box,€50 that wouldn't normally be there. This was a success so we continued to do that and also €2 a week into thebofferings box to be saved and used for a particular need that may arise for someone. Well, by the following Christmas there wes €100 there in the kitty and we used that to put gas into a needy neighbours house for her heating. We did the same thing again and a year later was able to help out another person who was going through a tough time.

This year our family decided to add €1 to the €4 to make it €5 and to give it all towards Gavin and Des's work in South Africa. They do a terriffic job with the poor and homeless and we are very excited with the idea that in one year we may be able to give up to €250 altogether! Although we should give privately and not let our left hand know what your right hand is doing, I am telling you this because it all started so small with just €1 in two small boxes and now we feel we are really able to help out and be a good support. There is just no way I woul ever be able to put €250 in the box in one go, but God has shown us that little and often gets things done.

I am posting this using my iPhone and for some reason I can't go back over it to check for mistakes so you will have to forgive them:0)

happy New Year Grace and I hope God blessed both our families as He has done in the past years. Take care.

Love Ruth

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